Thursday, December 9, 2010

Getting started with Android Development

androidWhat do I require to learn Android app development

Android applications are written using Java language. This doesn’t mean you should be a Java geek. You just have to know basic java syntax and how OOP is used in Java.  Let me tell you I am not a Java geek. I program in PHP and just have basic knowledge of java, about Inheritance, interfaces, packages and how to use it.

Chris has some good explanation regarding myths, people have, about Android Development.

You require 3 things to get started.

  1. Free Android SDK (comes with an Emulator)
  2. Free Eclipse with ADT (Android Development Tools) plugin
  3. Free documentation of Android and the best place is or you can use offline Documentation that comes with Android SDK

Steps for installing Development Environment.

  1. Download Android SDK and Install it.
  2. Install Android API’s for different android versions. The latest version (at the time of writing this post) is Android 2.3.
  3. Download and Install Eclipse
  4. Install ADT plugin.
  5. Create AVD (Android Virtual Device) for testing the applications.

No, I’m not going to explain how to install all these stuff. Android’s website has the best tutorial. There are other good sources also. Free  Andbook from has some extensive information to get started.

Ok! This was small and not so interesting post.

However, In next post we will get our feet wet, writing code for our first android application.

Don’t forget to ask questions and doubts if you have any. Your suggestions and feedbacks are very important for us so please give.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Interesting facts about Android OS

Who on earth doesn’t know Android? Android is so popular that I think its not necessary to explain what it is, but presently my target audience are beginners or even novices so…….

Android is a mobile phone Operating System, undertaken by Google, which is designed from scratch with developers in mind. Developers can create highly engaging and rich applications on Android which can make use of core functionalities like calling, texting , camera, Bluetooth, 3G, GPS, Wi-Fi etc. Built on Linux Kernel, it  uses a custom Dalvik Virtual Machine (unlike java which uses JVM) which is optimized for memory and hardware resource usage in mobile phones. Developers can develop Android applications using Android SDK and Java programming language. Did I mention Android is Open Source? You can always refer for more information. Alright! This was quick techy intro to android.

  1. Android is not Google’s brain child

    Wondering who created Android? Andy Rubin and Rich Miner devised Android long before in 2003. As android started eating competition Google acquired Android Inc. in 2005 (you know Google! It has done with many start-ups).

  2. Android wasn’t Open Source in its early stages.

    Until October 2008 Android was not Open Source. Google declared Android as Open Source on 21st October 2008. check this link where Google announced Android as Open Source.

  3. Naming convention for Android Versions

    Ever wondered what Froyo, Éclair names of Android mean. Android versions are named after the names of cakes, pastries, ice-creams and desserts. Froyo, Android 2.2, means frozen yogurt and Éclair is named after a French custard filled donut. Much anticipated Gingerbread means a dark molasses cake flavoured with ginger.Android_phones-1

  4. First Android phone and first Android app.

    HTC's T-Mobile G1 was first mobile phone to run Android. It was slow compared to modern Android devices. Snake, the classic game from 1970s, was first app built on Android SDK.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

About this blog Android Fanatic

About blog

This blog chronicles the adventures of a tech-savvy guy on his journey towards a professional Android Developer. If you are an Android Fanatic then you should subscribe it now. This blog contains posts starting from basic android application development topics and to advanced topics.  For them who are curious to learn Android Development, this blog will present step by step tutorials to learn android development.

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